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I have the unique privilege of living with two of my grandchildren and watching my son—their daddy—take on the responsibility of caring for the children God entrusted to him. As a single dad, Kyle realized very early on that he would need to combat the inevitable “I feel different or less than” identity his children might embrace because they don’t have a mom in their lives. He knew it would be imperative to point out all they actually do have. From the earliest of ages, their nighttime prayers were filled with “thank yous.” It started simple: “Thank you for my home, thank you for my family, thank you for my food.” But now, at eight and five years old, the depth of their “thank yous” has increased. In fact, most of their prayers end with, “Our blessings are too many to count!”

We hope this issue of HomeFront will help you and your family defeat the negative by embracing the positive as you realize that our blessings really are too many to count.

Being responsible for the things and people God has created around us begins in our own homes. In this issue of HomeFront, we offer great resources for you to infuse your life with gratitude as you take responsibility for all that God has entrusted to you.

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