June 2017


> It’s good to gather!
> Do you need a tangible reminder?
> What to do when faith community is hard.

Distract and isolate—it’s the oldest trick in the book. Just think back to the garden where Satan isolated Eve. He waited until she was alone to tempt her. Isolated people are the enemy’s easiest targets because his influence feels more powerful when we are alone. God understands this about us and created us to live in community—He knows the importance of gathering and gaining strength from our relationships with others. This is exactly what the early church modeled for us. Our FAMILY TIME VERSE (page 5) reminds us that the first Christians gathered and broke bread together every day!

This month’s STORYTELLING (page 10) is a beautiful true-life example of the faith community stepping in and strengthening a family during a tragic time in their lives. The EVERYDAY DAD BLOG (page 38) shares how Pastor Eric Wayman was able to be a father to the fatherless and attend his first daddy-daughter dance. Both of these articles are wonderful reminders that we were not made to live this life alone but are called to bolster each other up!

Summer provides great opportunities to gather with your community. We have included some large-group recipes in both our FAMILY TIME RECIPE (page 18) and our KIDS IN THE KITCHEN (page 20). We also have a large-group game in GAME TIME (page 14) and a craft in CREATE (page 12) that will be fun and meaningful for all ages.

Our prayer is that this month’s issue of HomeFront will inspire and equip you to gather with one another to celebrate the goodness and faithfulness of God and encourage one another in a common faith and mission. We are truly stronger together!

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