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> Make Matthew 25:35-40 come alive for your family.
> The importance of keeping your eyes up and out!
> Need to get your marriage in focus?

It’s been said that we don’t truly appreciate what we have until it’s gone. I know that I, personally, take for granted the very things that deserve my gratitude the most—my vision was one of those things. I’ve always had great eyesight but two years ago, almost overnight, I began to lose it. Not like the, “I’m getting older and need readers to magnify small print” kind, but actually losing my vision. Even after numerous surgeries and treatments, my left eye is almost completely blind and my right eye struggles to compensate for the loss.

This experience poignantly revealed to me how we can walk through life and not see all that surrounds us. There are people and situations that need to be seen and served but our vision is cloudy or, maybe worse, not there at all. This issue of HomeFront encourages you and your family to ask God to help you see things through His perfect eyes.

Our prayer for your family this month is that you would be bold and ask God to give you His eyes for every situation you enter. Don’t wait until it’s too late and your vision is blurred and gone—begin this New Year by looking for service opportunities that God has placed in plain sight!

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